TOTPRadius - Web Server certificates

Management interface

The management interface of TOTPRadius is web based and is recommended to be accessed via HTTPS protocol (although HTTP is also supported and can be enabled if needed). In addition to the admin panel functionality, the web server is used for server replication (if configured in master/slave mode) and REST Web API (used for web-based integrations such as Citrix StoreFront self-enrollment, WordPress and ADFS plugins). Therefore, it is recommended to generate and apply the proper web server certificate for these interfaces. The appliance comes with a dummy self-signed certificate that is recommended to be replaced with your own. You can use a public certificate or a certificate issued by your internal CA (if the internal CA trust has been added to all your clients).

To update the web certificate files, you need to navigate to Admin Portal -> Web Certificate page and paste the content of the private key and the certificate itself into the corresponding text areas in the Admin panel web certificate section.

TOTPRadius - Web Server certificates

VPN Interface

A similar procedure is required for updating the certificate of the VPN Portal running on the same appliance but a different port (9443). As this is the interface facing public internet (via 1:Many NAT from 443 to 9443), a commercial web certificate might be needed. You can also place the VPN portal behind a CDN that can provide the SSL certificate as a part of the service (i.e. Cloudflare).

Click on "Update certificates" button to apply the changes. The web server will need to be restarted to complete the process.

TOTPRadius - Web Server certificates

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